Tips for All Stages of Home Remodeling and Renovating

Going Big Or Keeping It Simple: The First-Time Home Buyers Guide To Finding The Perfect Balance When Building A Custom Home

Buying your first home will probably cause you to have more questions than answers, and a custom home is going to bring you even more difficult decisions. How big do you want your new home to be, what features meet your needs, and where are you going to build? These are just a few of the many questions that you will have when building a new home, but with a little help, you will have the perfect balance of size and design to satisfy all your needs. Read More 

Five Reasons To Remove Excess Chlorine From Your Water

Water treatment facilities add chlorine to the water in order to kill harmful bacteria and other pathogens. This is a necessary component of water treatment. After all, you do not want to come down with an infection after drinking or bathing in your tap water! The residual chlorine in the water is not an immediate hazard because the levels are low—but that does not necessarily mean the chlorine residue is safe or ideal, either. Read More 

4 Hardscaping Options For A Livable Backyard

A hardscape is a landscape where man-made features are added for both functional and aesthetic purposes. These features contrast with the vegetation in the yard, and the result can be a better-looking and a more useful yard area around your home. There are a few approaches you can try out depending on your budget and your personal taste. Outdoor Kitchen Hardscaping combines function and aesthetics, and as far as function goes, an outdoor kitchen can be an amazing addition to your home. Read More 

Does Your Event Need Portable Toilets?

Waste management is one of the toughest aspects of organizing an event. Without proper waste management, you'll be left with a mess that's hard to clean and likely to dissuade attendees from showing up at future events. As far as proper waste management is concerned, one of the primary hurdles is the cost of having a good waste management system. Investing a lot of money on permanent toilets for an event that will only last for one or two days makes the whole venture uneconomical. Read More 

Well, It’s Been A While: How To Start Up The Well On Your Vacation Home

If you own a second home that you only use for vacations, and its water is provided by a private well, you'll need to take steps to make sure the system is functioning properly each time you return to the property. Because it's crucial that you shut your well down each time you head back to your permanent home, you'll need to start it back up each time you return. This may seem like a time-consuming practice, but it will actually protect your well and save you water in the long run. Read More 

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Tips for All Stages of Home Remodeling and Renovating

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