Tips for All Stages of Home Remodeling and Renovating

Eight Things Your Residential Architect Wants You To Know

If you are hiring an architect to build your home and haven't been through the process before, you may find the learning curve a bit higher than you expected. Here are eight things residential architects wished their clients knew from the start to avoid confusion and to help their projects go more smoothly. 1. Understand why you hire an architect in the first place. When you build or remodel a home, you don't have to use an architect. Read More 

Rain Gardens: A Creative Solution to Your Drainage Problems

One problem with installing a drainage system to keep your yard dry, such as a French drain, is the final destination of the runoff water. Where is it all going to end up? One excellent solution is to create a rain garden. This landscape feature offers a way to eliminate excess water on your lawn and also beautify your property at the same time. Here is a look at some of the considerations involved. Read More 

3 Common Deck Problems And Their Solutions

Decks are an integral part of the marina. They provide users with a means to get from the shore and into their boat safely. Without a deck, it can be quite difficult to gain entry into your craft. However, decks are often exposed to the elements of the world on a regular basis. Because of this, they end up wearing down and deteriorating. Thankfully, there are simple solutions to some of the common problems that deck owners face today. Read More 

Examining The Importance Of Proper Grading Before New Home Construction

When you are ready to build a new house, taking the time to plan ahead is extremely important to avoid serious and expensive problems later on. One of the most important aspects of new home construction is grading. If your home is not on the proper grade, the slope of the land your home is built on, you may be surprised to learn the kinds of problems you will have to deal with after a few years have passed. Read More 

Uses For A Mini Excavator

One of the most popular machines when excavating is the excavator. Such a machine will have a cab capable of rotating 360 degrees and a digging arm that extends from the front of the machine. At the end of this arm is a bucket that is used to dig and transfer dirt to where it will be dumped. While excavators serve a definite purpose, they can be too big for some jobs. Read More 

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Tips for All Stages of Home Remodeling and Renovating

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