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How To Effectively Take Care Of A Commercial Garage Door And Reduce Costly Repairs

If your building has a commercial garage door, keeping it in good condition is important. After all, these doors are not always cheap to repair and replace. So that you don't have issues on a regular basis with your commercial garage door, get in the habit of executing these maintenance steps. 

Tighten Loose Hardware 

There will be components on your commercial garage door that come loose from time to time. This is perfectly natural given the vibrations that occur when the door goes up and down. Still, you need to get in the habit of tightening them before they have the chance to fall off and get lost forever.

Scan your commercial garage door often to see if any parts are loose. Nuts and bolts, in particular, have a tendency of getting loose. When tightening these components, make sure you're gentle. Applying too much force could damage them structurally.

Keep Track Clear and Clean 

At the top of your commercial garage there will be a track system. This is what your commercial garage door travels on when it moves. It's important to keep this track clean and clear because if it's not, your garage door may have to work harder than it should and break down.

Cleaning the track won't be difficult if you use a portable air compressor. Spray pressurized air all along the track until it's completely clear. If residues are not coming off, you may need to get a wire brush and some warm water. Keep scrubbing until the track is spotless. 

Test Door's Balance

If you have an automatic commercial garage door with a motor, then you'll need to check its balance every couple of months. That's because an unbalanced door can experience extreme force and then, integral components can get damaged. 

What you'll need to do is disengage the motor. Then, physically lift the garage door all the way up to your waist. Then, let it go. If it falls back down quickly, your door isn't properly balanced. You'll then need to have it re-balanced by a professional. Don't adjust the balance yourself because this task is extremely dangerous.

If you own a commercial garage, taking care of the garage door is so important. You don't want to be dealing with expensive repairs often, and you won't have to if you put time and effort into its maintenance. Know what parts and systems to maintain. Also don't be afraid to contact the professionals if you run into a major issue. For more information, visit websites like

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