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Installing A New Masonry Wood Burning Fireplace? 3 Maintenance Tips To Keep You Safe And The Fireplace Looking Great

If you are planning to install a new masonry wood burning fireplace in your home, you know how expensive this can be. It also takes time and you need to hire a skilled mason to help with the installation. Once it is installed, however, you need to ensure you learn how to properly care for your fireplace. This will not only keep you and your family safe but will also keep the fireplace looking beautiful.

Inspect and Clean

Hire a professional chimney sweep, such as those from A & A Chimney Sweep, to inspect and clean your fireplace approximately once a year. This is more if you live in an area that is constantly cold and you use your fireplace all year long. Also, if you see creosote building up on the chimney walls, you need to have it cleaned immediately. Creosote is made mostly of soot and is extremely flammable. If not removed, you will have a chimney fire, which can be catastrophic to your home.

The chimney sweep will also clean the chimney, fireplace, flue pipes, and smoke ducts. This is something you should never do on your own, as it can be dangerous if not done correctly.

Check the Chimney Cap

You need to check the chimney cap on a regular basis. This is at the top opening of the chimney. The cap is covered with mesh to prevent rain, squirrels, birds, and other debris and animals from getting into the chimney. This is important because any kind of obstruction will cause smoke and flames to backup inside your home instead of going out through the chimney.

It is easy and generally fairly cheap to replace a chimney cap and the caps. It can be dangerous climbing up on the roof, however. So if you are not comfortable doing this, hire a professional to check the chimney cap. You could also help by shining a light up through the chimney from the inside to ensure you do not see any obstructions.

Provide Safety Measures

You can also install a stainless-steel liner to make your fireplace safer. Stainless steel is beneficial, as it can withstand high temperatures and will keep the fire's embers contained inside the fireplace.

You should also  consider installing a heat proof glass door. This will help prevent heat loss and will keep the doors cool, which is beneficial especially if you have children that may touch the glass. Along with the glass door, install a blower or fan to push heat into the room instead of losing the heat out of the chimney.

The professional you hire to install your new fireplace can give you more maintenance tips.

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