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Going Big Or Keeping It Simple: The First-Time Home Buyers Guide To Finding The Perfect Balance When Building A Custom Home

Buying your first home will probably cause you to have more questions than answers, and a custom home is going to bring you even more difficult decisions. How big do you want your new home to be, what features meet your needs, and where are you going to build? These are just a few of the many questions that you will have when building a new home, but with a little help, you will have the perfect balance of size and design to satisfy all your needs.

Location, Plot Sizes, and Design of Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces

One of the first things to consider when looking for a place for your new home is the type of property you want. Do you want to have a space that separates your property from other homes or buildings? You may want to look for a plot of land that will allow you to leave a green privacy buffer to separate your home. In addition, consider the elevations of land and the outdoor living spaces that you may want to have.

Modern Vs. Traditional Architectural Designs When Building A New Custom Home

The choice of modern and traditional architecture are other things that you will want to consider when looking for a new home. With custom home building, you will have a chance to work with the builder during the design of your home, consider if you want to have a home with a contemporary style and modern technology or a more traditional home. Going back to the location, if you build your home on a property in a historic community, then there may be some restrictions and requirements on the design and style of new homes that you must meet.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms to Meet Family Needs Now or in the Future

Today, there are many options for the design and features of bathrooms. Are you building your home for a family with children or future family? When deciding on the size of your home, you will want to consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that it needs. For a family with children, you will want to have at least 3 bedrooms or more and 2 bathrooms or more. Consider adding half-baths to the design of your home, whether you are planning on building for a full house or just you and your spouse. An extra bedroom and small bathroom is a good plan for any size house.

Kitchen, Living Rooms, and Dining Rooms and the Design of Space Where Family Gathers

Today, open spaces and natural light give homes useful gathering areas. You will want to have an open kitchen with features that you may need, such as an island for extra food preparation and walk-in pantry for storage. For dining and living room areas, modern design features like a banquet table built into the design of kitchen space can give you more space and practical functionality for the busy day-to-day life of a modern family. Consider living room designs that are open, with high ceilings and natural light from plenty of windows. You may want to consider sliding glass panels or doors to open the indoor living room area to outdoor living space designs.

Basements, Garages, Shops and Outdoor Space for Extra Space You Need for Leisure and Entertainment

There are also leisure features that you will want to consider for the design of your new home. Are you going to be building your home on a basement foundation? This will give you the opportunity to add features like a home theater, game room or office space for working from home. In addition, you will want to have a garage that has enough space for cars you drive every day, and maybe extra space for projects like auto restoration or storing an RV, trailer, or recreational equipment. If you do a lot of DIY hobbies or projects, a good shop area for your equipment is something that you will want to plan for when designing your new home.

Going Green with the Right Combination of Mechanical Systems and Energy-Efficient Design

Energy saving technology like solar panels and efficient mechanical systems are something else that you will want to plan for in the design of your new home. Consider the areas where you want to invest in green technology to plan the design of your new home. Choose features that work well with the design of your home and fit into your budget. In addition, invest in features like more efficient windows, insulation, and exterior materials like roofing to reduce energy loss and utility costs. During the construction process, it is a good time to install water conservation systems like rain collection systems with buried tanks for gutters and greywater recycling systems for irrigation and non-potable water needs.

With the right combination of size and features, you will have everything you need in your new home. To get started with finding the right spot for your new home and planning the design, contact custom home builders like Kavin Construction to create a home that is the perfect balance to satisfy all your needs. 

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