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4 Hardscaping Options For A Livable Backyard

A hardscape is a landscape where man-made features are added for both functional and aesthetic purposes. These features contrast with the vegetation in the yard, and the result can be a better-looking and a more useful yard area around your home. There are a few approaches you can try out depending on your budget and your personal taste.

Outdoor Kitchen

Hardscaping combines function and aesthetics, and as far as function goes, an outdoor kitchen can be an amazing addition to your home. For starters, if you've ever complained about the size of the kitchen in your house, the outdoor kitchen is an obvious answer.

However, even if you're satisfied with your present kitchen, there are many things you could add to an outdoor kitchen that you probably don't have in your regular kitchen. Grills and a stone pizza oven are just two examples. Additionally, if you can throw in an outdoor sitting or dining area, you'll have the ideal location for barbeques and cookouts when the weather is right.

Fountains and Other Water Features

Fountains may seem like they're always large and pricey, but there are some options even in the $300 range. This means that even you can have such a feature in your yard. The sight and sound of water are known to be quite calm and soothing, and it also creates an instant point of interest for anyone who comes to your home. You should consider the availability of water first.

Outdoor Shade Structures

When the bright summer sun comes out, many people will rush to find a place indoors. However, when you have the right structures, you'll be rushing outdoors in such weather. Outdoor shade structures such as pergolas allow you to enjoy the best of summer weather. With such structures, you can actually sit outside without worrying about the heat and take in the beauty that your landscaping efforts have created. Shade structures come in many sizes, so there's always an option for your yard.


If you're more of a night person, a feature that allows you to harness the beauty and comfort of fire can be your ideal option. Outdoor fireplaces are a good example; although, they can be a bit pricey. You can opt for a fire pit instead. There are also fire tables and these raised features can really help to take the beauty of your yard at night to another level.

For the most beautiful and well-constructed custom hardscaping features, consult a stone masonry services company with a good reputation. These landscape features will make your yard more beautiful while adding wonderful functionality to your living space.

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