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Well, It's Been A While: How To Start Up The Well On Your Vacation Home

If you own a second home that you only use for vacations, and its water is provided by a private well, you'll need to take steps to make sure the system is functioning properly each time you return to the property. Because it's crucial that you shut your well down each time you head back to your permanent home, you'll need to start it back up each time you return. This may seem like a time-consuming practice, but it will actually protect your well and save you water in the long run. Here are three steps you'll need to take each time you return to your second home for vacation.

Be Cautious During Startup

When it comes to starting your well back up, it's important that you proceed carefully and cautiously. There will be air in the lines that will need to be removed before the system will function properly. Not only that, but the well may have collected dirt, rust, and sand while it was shut down, which you'll need to clear out of the lines before you can use your water.

When turning your well back on, you should start by turning all your faucets to the on position. Turning the faucets on will allow you to drain all the water that's been sitting in the pipes while you've been gone.

Let the faucets run until all the water has been removed. Once the faucets have run dry, turn the pump on to start a fresh flow of water. You'll want to allow that water to run through the pipes for several minutes.

Test Well Water for Safety

After you've turned your well back on, and it's pumping water through to your home, you'll want to use a home water testing kit to test the quality of the water. If your home test shows elevated levels of bacteria and nitrates, have the water professionally tested. Be sure to discontinue use of your well water until the issue of contamination can be resolved.

Have the System Inspected

Once you have your well back in action, you'll need to have the system inspected, including the pump. This is particularly important if it's been a few years since you had your system inspected or the well has been shut down for an extended period of time. If your pump is showing signs of age, be sure to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Once your pump goes out, you won't have access to water until you have it replaced. It's better to have it replaced before you're facing an emergency situation. If you run into a problem with your well, contact a company such as Jamison  Well Drilling Inc to discuss your options.

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