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Dealing With A Flood In Your Commercial Building? 4 Steps You Need To Take Right Away

If you arrived at work to find that a pipe has burst in your office, you'll need to act fast. Water damage can destroy your business. The first thing you'll need to do is turn the water supply off to your office. If you know where the shut-off valve is, you can take care of that for yourself. However, if you're not sure where that's located, you'll need to call the water company. In most cases, they'll have an emergency number that you can call for immediate service. Once you've got the water shut off to your office, you'll be able to start with the cleanup efforts. Here's a list of steps you'll need to take to restore your building after a flood.

Contact Your Power Company

If your office is like most, you've probably got more than a few power cords extending across the floor. Unfortunately, because of those power cords, the water inside your office could have become electrically charged. This is particularly true if the flood waters have risen high enough to come in contact with power outlets. Before you start walking around in your office, you'll need to contact your power company. They'll come out and assess the danger. If your electrical outlets have come in contact with water, your power will need to be turned off until your electrical system can be dried out and repaired.

Call the Plumber

If a pipe has burst in your office, you'll need to call a plumber as soon as you've got the water turned off. You'll need to find out the cause of the ruptured pipe, and repair the plumbing so that you can get water serviced restored as quickly as possible. You'll need water service during the final stages of the damage cleanup.

Request a Roll-Off Dumpster

Depending on the severity of the flooding, there will be quite a few things that will need to be discarded during the cleanup. The best way to prepare for the cleanup is to request a roll-off dumpster from the company responsible for your commercial trash service. A roll off dumpster will come in handy during the cleanup, as well as during the reconstruction process.

Hire a Water Damage Contractor

If your commercial building has been flooded, don't try to tackle the cleanup efforts by yourself. This type of cleanup is going to require a professional water damage contractor. There are too many hazardous situations that can arise after flooding. Those hazards include septic system collapse, mold growth, and waterborne bacteria. Ensure that the cleanup is doing thoroughly, and safely, by leaving it in the hands of a water damage contractor.

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