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Four Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

When you're finally starting that long-hoped-for kitchen renovation, it can be easy to get so excited that you get a little carried away. But remember, the best kitchen renovation is a well-thought-out, carefully planned renovation. Before you order custom-built wood cabinets that you can't return, take some time to consider your priorities, your kitchen layout, and other essentials. Here are four mistakes to avoid when you're replacing your kitchen cabinets.

1. Ordering cabinets before deciding on appliances

Whether you're gutting the kitchen and replacing everything or just doing a basic renovation with new cabinets and appliances, you really need to prioritize by choosing the appliances first. That's because the cabinets' dimensions can't be changed after they're already made, so if you get them done first, that really limits the appliances you can choose. And if you currently have mismatched or slightly outdated appliances, you may have a hard time finding a set that fits in the exact same amount of space.

2. Using hasty or sloppy measurements

The more accurate your kitchen measurements, the more streamlined your renovation can be. Sending accurate measurements to your custom cabinet builder is a critical step, because it allows you to make sure the appliances and cabinets fit exactly in their assigned spaces with no overlap, conflicts, or unsightly gaps.

3. Choosing a trendy fad

Unless you want to replace your cabinets each spring, you should avoid working with a fad that will make the whole room look dated as soon as the season turns. Instead, use tried-and-true designs, materials, and finishes. For example, using a bright, "in" paint color that's difficult to paint over later can be a mistake because you'll likely want to change it within a few years. That's why choosing brighter colors for accent pieces instead of for the cabinets themselves can be the wiser choice.

4. Choosing the wrong company

Like any industry, the custom cabinet building industry has plenty of reputable companies and contractors who are great at what they do. You'll need to do your research well in advance, because there are few things that can mess a project up as thoroughly as working with the wrong company.

These four mistakes can throw a wrench in your kitchen remodel, but savvy homeowners can avoid them with thorough planning and careful research. If you do it right, your savvy kitchen remodel can improve your home's value and give you a bright, cheerful, functional place to prepare meals for years to come.

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