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Rental Tools You May Need To Clear A Basement Drain

A clogged basement drain can be more than an inconvenience, it can be a hazard to your home as well as a hazard to your health depending on what is backing up through the drain. Often you can solve minor clogs on your own, although having the correct tools can be a challenge. The following are a few tools you may need, as well as why they are important:

Drain camera

A drain camera allows you to pinpoint exactly where and why the clog is occurring. This tool is most useful if you have a reoccurring clog and you want to get to the bottom of the reason. There are companies that will come out and feed a camera down your drain for a fee, or you can rent your own camera to figure out the problem on your own. These cameras are generally attached to a long stiff cable that is fed down the drain. They then transmit the image to a screen on the other end, which is usually integrated into the camera. With the help of a camera, you can determine whether you have a basic clog, or if tree roots or a collapsed pipe is the cause of all of your woes.

Mechanical snake

Most homeowners are familiar with the small drain snakes designed for use in sink drains, but they may not be aware of the large mechanized snakes used to clear out main drains. Sometimes called rooters, these long snakes are attached to a motor that turns them rapidly. They are able to break through almost any clog, including tree roots in the drain. This is what makes them useful for tackling basement drain clogs since the causes are usually roots or many months worth of household debris lodged in the drain.

Specialty tools

Sometimes the problem is as simple as replacing as clearing out the clean out valve next to the drain or replacing the float ball inside the drain. The problem is that the nuts and bolts that give you access to the plugs and valves may not fit any of the standard tools in your tool chest, and few homeowners stock a fully equipped plumber's toolbox. Fortunately, many of these specialty drains and pipe tools are available to rent.

The benefits of renting are that you often only need these tools once or twice, so making a major investment doesn't make since. For a nominal fee, you can simply rent them when you need them. Even better, you don't have to waste precious space in your home storing the tools, either.

Contact a plumbing tools rental service for more information and assistance. 

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