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Custom Home Builders: When The Typical House Plans Don't Fit

As a connoisseur of house-building and house-flipping shows on cable TV, you have learned that almost any structure can be converted into a home. If you are excited by this idea, and you have the money for such a project, there are custom home builders that can help. Here are just some of the more unusual structures that builders of this caliber have helped turn to dream homes:

Old Barns

There are three features about old barns that make them the ideal structure for converting into a dream home. The first is the really old timber used to construct the original barn. In converting the barn into a house, you can reclaim old timber and really make it work for your rafters and ceiling. Secondly, the structure has lots of airy space in which you can build rooms and create open floor plans. Finally, your custom home contractor only has to restore the outside walls of the barn, which decreases the amount of time needed to build the home.

Abandoned Quonset Huts

Quonset huts are made of corrugated, galvanized steel. They usually had very open floor plans, and resembled semicircle trailer homes. The military created them as a cheap form of barracks housing. If you purchase more than one of these huts, you can set them in a row, end to end, or in asterisk formation with an open garden space in the middle. Their simplistic style allows you to create a number of unique custom home designs.

Old Mills

Mill houses sitting on a river's edge are rather nostalgic places. In their original state, they are hardly places to drop a couch and TV, since the water wheel and grinding stones fill the majority of the mill's central space. However, a custom home builder can help you redesign mill space so that you can utilize the mill's wheels to produce hydroelectric power and a unique living space all in one.


Warehouses are frequently converted to lofts, which are exceedingly popular in big cities. If there is an old, abandoned warehouse near you, it has a lot of potential as a custom home. You could even convert each floor to its own loft space, and then live in whichever loft you want while renting out the other floors.  Otherwise, you could convert it to multiple bedrooms and common rooms for your large and extended family (if that applies to you).

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Tips for All Stages of Home Remodeling and Renovating

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