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Preparing Your Home For Tree Removal And Keeping Personal Property Safe

When it comes time for you to have a tree removed, there is a lot of work to be done. The tree service may cut the tree down and do other tasks, but you still want to be prepared. Accidents happen and you want to make sure your personal property is safe. You should do obvious things like remove vehicles and other things close to the tree. Protecting landscaping is another chore that needs to be done. Here are some tips to help you protect your property when having a tree removal done:

1. Move Vehicles and Other Property Out of The Way

Any vehicles you have around your home should be moved a safe distance away while the tree is being topped, which is removing the highest parts. In addition to cars, make sure you move boats, recreational vehicles, and other equipment like lawn mowers. If the tree is near the garage of your home, move any large items that could be damaged if the tree falls on your home.

2. Deal with Sheds, Garden Furniture, and Small Structures

Sheds, garden furniture, and structures in landscaping are also personal property that you will want to protect. If you have a smaller shed, you may be able to move it using rollers. If moving the shed is too much, screw down plywood on top of it to protect it from falling debris. Any lightweight garden furniture and features like planters should be moved out of the way. For the surfaces of decks. Use plywood to cover them, but leave the edges hanging over the deck to shield the structure. Also take down sections of privacy screens or fences that are close to the tree being removed.

3. Cover Landscaping to Protect Your Garden While Work Is Being Done

You probably spend a lot of money on having nice gardens, a green lawn, and other attractive landscaping features. Having a tree fall on the landscaping will destroy plants, leave visible impressions, and do other damage. It is important to protect the area around the tree to prevent damage from being done. Cover plants with plastic tarps and keep them up using short poles. For the lawn, use a few sheets of plywood to absorb the impact of falling debris.

Protecting your personal property is something that you are responsible for when having a tree removal done. When you get ready to contact a tree service, do these tasks before contacting them to have the tree removal done. 

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