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A Ductless Heat Pump Can Lower Energy Costs When Your Kids Go Away To College

When your kids go away to college, you're often left with more space in your home than you need. While the extra space may seem nice for awhile, you quickly realize you're wasting money by keeping rooms warm that are no longer being used. One solution to this is to install a heat pump in an area that keeps your bedroom and living space warm while turning off or lowering the heat from the HVAC unit to the rest of your home. Here are a few things to know about putting in one of these heating systems.

Installation Is Quick And Easy

Installing a ductless system is nothing like installing a traditional heating system that relies on ducts. All that's needed is a place to mount the indoor fan that is near an electrical outlet, and a small hole drilled through the wall to attach the fan to an outdoor compressor. Installation can be completed in a single day without disrupting your entire house or tearing up the attic. The outdoor unit is placed beside your home in the same way an air conditioner compressor is positioned. The only difference is that the ductless heating compressor needs to be protected from snow since it operates in the winter. You'll need to have a cover or ledge mounted above the unit that keeps off snow, but doesn't block air circulation. The indoor unit can be mounted high on the wall or lower to the floor. Mounting it lower to the floor makes it easier to clean the unit and may enhance uniform air heating throughout the room.

Warming Ability Is Rated By Outdoor Temperature

Although you can mount a ductless heating system in short order, it does take time for it to heat the air in your home. It doesn't blow as much forced air as a traditional HVAC unit, so it takes longer to warm up a large space. Also, the colder it is outdoors, the harder it is for the unit to keep the space warm. For that reason, you want to buy a unit based on the usual low temperatures your area has during the winter. You want a compressor that works efficiently in extremely cold weather. If you buy one that is rated for warmer weather, it may struggle and run constantly, which increases your power bill.

A Ductless System Allows For Zoning

One of the great things about a ductless heating system is that it makes it easy to set up zones in your home whether you combine it with a traditional HVAC or not. You can use ductless heating for your only source of heat or combine it with an HVAC, wood stove, or radiator. You can even get a ductless system that has air conditioning as well as heat. You can buy a powerful unit that controls the climate in your entire home or you can get a split system that allows you to create zones. When you have zones, you can control the temperature in various rooms independent of each other. This allows you to reduce your power bills as much as possible since you can reduce heat to areas such as the laundry room, spare bathrooms, and bedrooms no longer in use. Then you can always turn the heat back up in individual rooms when your kids come home from college for the weekend.

The first step in getting one of these modern heating systems is to talk to a contractor who can help you calculate the size you need for your home according to your climate, home square footage, and number of zones. With that information in mind, you'll want to purchase an energy efficient model rated for the lowest temperatures you'll expect to have during the winter. Since installation is quick and easy, you can have one of these systems installed any time of the year so you can begin enjoying cozy warmth and lower power bills.

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