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Learning More About Sump Pumps And Conquering A Wet Basement

While many houses do not have issues with flooding or constantly wet basements, many others out there do have problems with damaging levels of water retention and moisture in their basements. Controlling flooding and water retention can be challenging, but it can be done for protecting the interior of your home from problems like mold, mildew and expensive water damage repairs. Learn how sump pump installation can help you maintain a drier basement.

When It Is Time To Invest In A Sump Pump

If you can go into your basement and see an inch of water on your floor, you need a sump pump. Bear in mind that moisture is always present in many basements, but when there is standing water, the chances are higher for damaging flooding to occur. Any time you find standing water in your basement, investing in a sump pump is a good idea. A sump pump works by sitting in a specially designed pit. Some water will always be in the pit, but when the water in the pit rises past a certain level, the pump automatically flips on and begins pumping the water out of your basement to an area away from your home, keeping your basement drier. Hiring a professional contractor for installing your home's sump pump is advised if you have never installed one before. Visit a site like for more info. 

Making Sure Your Sump Pump Is Always Ready To Pump

Taking the time to ensure your sump pump is working is a good idea. Providing simple maintenance can help you remain worry free during heavy rains and flooding. Make sure your sump pump's battery backup is always charged and in good condition. A dead battery will be no use to you when the power gets knocked during a bad storm and your basement is flooding from heavy rains. Also, test your pump by pouring enough water into its pit to trigger its pumping action. If the pump does not come on when you add enough water, check the power going to it first. Remember, the backup battery will need to be removed before adding water during test checks so you will know if the power source is causing issues.

Common Pump Issues To Know About

Most of the time, your newly installed sump pump will operate without any problems. However, if it does not operate properly, you could be seeing one of a few common issues with sump pumps like a stuck float valve or a failed check valve. Contacting a professional for making repairs to your sump pump is a good idea if you have frequent wet basement issues.

Taking steps to keep your basement dry is a vital part of your home maintenance. While dealing with basement flooding can be frustrating, knowing you have a reliable sump pump on the job can help to give you peace of mind about it.

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