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The Perks Of Choosing Fiberglass Over Wood

Installing new windows in your home is obviously a huge investment, so you want to make sure you choose the perfect product. When choosing the products, you not only need to consider the style, you also need to consider if it fits with your personal requirements. That is, will you be able to properly maintain it? For instance, many people love the style of wooden windows, but don't have the time or desire to properly maintain them over the years. Usually, they end up regretting investing in such a high maintenance product. If you are more interested in a low maintenance window material, you should consider fiberglass. This article explains a few differences between fiberglass and wooden windows when it comes to style, long-term maintenance and cleaning.

Fiberglass is Surprisingly Stylish

First of all, most people will think that wooden windows are more stylish. It is hard to argue this, especially when you consider the fact that many fiberglass windows are actually made with fake wooden prints. You obviously don't see any wooden windows that are made with fake fiberglass textures. Of course, the real product will always look better than the invitation.

That being said, fiberglass windows with fake wooden prints are surprisingly convincing. Not only do they have multiple colors, they also have textures that replicate actual wood grain. In reality, most people will be able to tell that they are not made of real wood when they are looking up close. However, from far away, a fiberglass window with a fake wooden print and texture will probably be able to perfectly match actual wooden elements on your exterior. For instance, you can match the color and style of your wooden roofline. In the end, real wood might be more stylish, but it is certainly not more practical.

Maintaining Windows

Owning and maintaining wooden windows requires you to invest more time and money into maintenance. Fiberglass windows can be easily cleaned by just wiping them down with a wet rag or sponge. In fact, you can even clean them on the outside by just spraying them down with a hose. Since fiberglass is perfectly waterproof, you don't need to worry about water damage. You also don't need to worry about termite damage. You need to make painstaking efforts to ensure that wooden windows are constantly sealed to protect against moisture. Applying a new coat of wood sealant can be a time consuming project. If you neglect it, your windows can become leaky, loud, inefficient and fragile.

Even though fiberglass is much more practical, many homeowners will still choose the style and classic look of wooden windows. If you're willing to do the upkeep, it is definitely a great option. For more information, contact companies like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center.

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