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Maximizing Your AC Unit's Efficiency In A Condo

If you are living in a condo, your air conditioning unit might be working harder than it needs to. Factors such as common areas storing heat, pollution, and maintenance issues might make you feel like your AC unit is fighting a losing battle. Here are four tips to help maximize your air conditioning unit's efficiency if you live in a shared community such as a condo.

1. Sealing off Interior Doors

Openings to your home might be letting out cool air inadvertently if these haven't been properly sealed off. You may have already focused on energy efficient windows and doors that open to exterior areas. Don't forget about your front door if this opens into interior common hallways. Get a good seal around your front door with weatherstripping to ensure that you aren't inadvertently cooling common interior areas as well.

2. Programmable Thermostat

Larger, older buildings tend to retain hot or cold air depending on the season. If you tend to forget to turn on your AC when you get home from work or forget to turn this off during the day, let a programmable thermostat do this for you. You can set times in advances so your home can gradually cool down when needed. This will keep your home at a more steady temperature and you will have less of a need to kick this into overdrive when your condo inadvertently gets too hot.

3. Change Filters

Living in a shared community in an urban environment might bring in more dust and debris from nearby roads or city pollution. You might find that your AC unit's filters need replacing more often than they would in a less populated area. Be sure to replace these at least as often as manufacturers recommend. You might even want to shorten this replacement time if you notice a lot of build up on old filters.

4. Have Main Vents Serviced

If there is air conditioning in your hallways or common areas, check in with your HOA or property management team to ensure these are being serviced regularly. If you notice that common cooling systems seem to not be functioning properly, report problems so these can be fixed ASAP. Your AC unit in your home might be working overtime by inadvertently combating heat coming in from other areas of your building.

If you are living in a condo, the good news is your home is probably a smaller space to cool off. The bad new is that your air conditioning unit might be negatively affected by external factors within a shared community. Keeping your condo cool might involve more than just AC maintenance, but will be worth the effort in the long run.

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