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Trim A Little Off The Tree Top: 4 Tips To Help Thin Tree Canopies And Reduce Rooftop Moss

Trees are a great way to add shade to your home and keep it cool during hot summer days but they can also cause problems like moss. To get the benefits of a shade tree, without the roof problems, you will want to make sure that the canopy is well trimmed. Trimming the branches to thin out the canopy can allow just enough sunlight through to reduce moss and lichen problems on your rooftop. Here are some tips that can help you trim your tree canopies by just taking a little off the top:

1. Cut The Low Branches That Are A Little Too Close

Low branches can cause many different problems on your roof. The most obvious problem may be them causing damage to shingles as they scrape against the roof. They can also contribute to fungus growth on your roof. This is because they can trap leaves and debris, which can be a perfect place for fungus to take root. In addition, this can also allow for other plants to start growing on your roof, which can lead to serious structural damage. It is a good idea to trim all the low branches, so there are none that are too close. A good rule of thumb is that you should not have to duck beneath tree branches while doing maintenance on your roof.

2. Thin The Higher Branches To Allow Sunlight Through 

There are also the higher branches that can lead to problems with moss on your roof. This is not because they are touching the roof, but rather because they do not allow sunlight through. You will want to cut the branches that are cluttering the canopy. There should be a enough space between branches to allow an even amount of sunlight through the canopy. This can also help promote healthy new growth with your tree and ensure it is strong and healthy.

3. Give More Sunlight To Areas That Are Shaded Most Of The Day

There may be some areas of your roof that really do not need a lot of shade. This may be due to the north face of your roof that only gets some sunlight a few hours out of the day. In these areas, you may want to trim the shade tree even more. The more light that can get to this area, the less likely it will be that you have fungus problems here. If cutting the tree back in these areas is not enough, you may also want to consider adding zinc strips to stop moss and lichen from growing.

4. Prune Trees To Train Them To Grow In A Form That Prevent Future Problems

Training trees to grow in a way to prevent problems can also help.  If possible, this is something that should start when the tree is younger to promote healthy growth and keep the canopy shaped in a way that provides shade but also allows enough sunlight through to stop fungus growth.

These are some tips that will help you reduce moss problems that are partly caused by the shade trees around your home. The damage that has been done can be repaired by a roofing contractor, who can also help you with roof improvements like adding zinc stripping to prevent moss and lichen growth on your rooftop. For more tips on how to keep your roof dry and clean, check out websites like or contact a roofing company.

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