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Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

A new bathroom doesn't have to look new. If you prefer the soft romantic look of vintage design or Victorian era décor, a shabby chic bathroom may be the relaxing oasis that you crave. The following ideas can help inspire your bathroom redesign so you can have the room of your dreams.

Idea #1: Start on the Right Foot

Few things are more elegant and romantic in the bathroom than an oversized clawfoot tub. You can hunt down a true vintage or antique beauty, or you can opt for one of the many replicas that are available. You aren't limited to plain white enamel, either. Everything from pale blue and yellow, to a burnished copper look, is available. Choose side taps and an overhead rain-style shower head for the height of comfort and usability.

Idea #2: Put It on a Pedestal

The slender and elegant lines of a pedestal sink work well with a shabby chic theme. White is the preferred shade for the pedestal. If you do prefer a cabinet, opt for a distressed piece that has a hint of the past in its design. Instead of a regular sink, opt for a hand-painted, bowl-style basin. A pretty floral design matches the theme well. The bowl will be reminiscent of the washing basins so common in Victorian times. A slender tap with vintage faucet handles will complete the picture.

Idea #3: Get Creative With Wall Coverings

Lush yet simple wall coverings work well in a shabby chic bathroom. Once again, muted colors are preferred in this style. Consider installing a chair rail with bead board panels below and a simple vintage floral print wall paper above. The contrast between the crisp white bead board and the muted colors of the wall paper will complement almost any accessories you add to the bathroom.

Idea #4: Keep It Classic Underfoot

Nearly any basic light colored floor tile works well in a shabby chic bathroom. You can go with modern subway tiles, or simple white square ceramic. Another option is to opt for some of the more creative shapes that were common in vintage bathrooms, such as a small octagon. While wood isn't a good option in bathroom due to moisture, you can use a wood laminate product if you like the look of wood.

Contact a local remodeling contractor like Heartland Construction & Renovation to get started on your dream bathroom. They can help you find the best deals on replica vintage bathroom items so you can create a romantic retreat of your own.

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