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Examining The Importance Of Proper Grading Before New Home Construction

When you are ready to build a new house, taking the time to plan ahead is extremely important to avoid serious and expensive problems later on. One of the most important aspects of new home construction is grading. If your home is not on the proper grade, the slope of the land your home is built on, you may be surprised to learn the kinds of problems you will have to deal with after a few years have passed.

Water Can Greatly Compromise Your Home's Foundation

If your home is built on a slope that allows water to run downhill towards it, you could end up having standing water along the side of the house facing the down slope. When water stands long enough, it can permeate a concrete foundation, causing it to crack and shift. Water passing along the sides of your home not directly facing the down slope can cause the soil to wash away, exposing the lower part of your foundation to running water. Once the lower parts of the foundation are exposed to running water, foundation shifts can happen fast. For this reason, hiring a professional grading contractor to prepare the lot you plan to build on is important.

Water-Damaged Basements Can Be Costly To Repair

If you have gone into a basement and it smelled musty and damp, you can bet its walls and flooring, especially carpeting, has been weakened by a water-damaged foundation. The wood floor joists in a home with a water-damaged foundation and basement are also prone to rotting and to the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. If you plan to have a full basement in your new house, making sure you have the land it will be sitting on graded by an experienced professional is vital to avoid these kinds of issues in the future.

Your Future Lawn And Landscape Will Appreciate Professional Grading

When a professional, experienced grading contractor grades the land you plan to build your new home on, the topsoil that is removed during the grading will be placed near to the areas your home will be built. The topsoil is the rich part of the dirt that grows the greenest grass and provides nutrients for you to easily grow ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers. Discuss with your contractor about topsoil placement during grading for ensuring its proper placement. This is especially important if you want to design a specific type of landscape that includes several types of plant life.

Building a new house is exciting, but making the right choices despite your excitement is vital to get the home you can count on for durability through the years. When considering the land you have in mind for your new home, talking to a grading contractor about it before you start laying a foundation is a good idea.

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