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Uses For A Mini Excavator

One of the most popular machines when excavating is the excavator. Such a machine will have a cab capable of rotating 360 degrees and a digging arm that extends from the front of the machine. At the end of this arm is a bucket that is used to dig and transfer dirt to where it will be dumped. While excavators serve a definite purpose, they can be too big for some jobs. Thus, there is a need for a smaller machine capable of doing the same type of work as its larger cousin. This is where the mini excavator comes into play.


There are a few different machines capable of digging a trench for utility lines. For example, you could use a backhoe, which is a fairly big piece of machinery, which makes it more expensive to buy and operate. Furthermore, the size of a backhoe can make it difficult to use in tight situations. You could use a trenching machine which will deposit dirt right next to the trench, which can cause problems with the dirt falling back into the trench. A mini excavator can dig a small diameter hole quickly and deposit dirt at a distance from the trench so that you don't have to worry about cave-ins. Thus, a mini excavator is at least worth considering for use in digging trenches. 

Digging Swimming Pools

If you are digging a hole for a swimming pool in a new home, you might not have many obstacles around to interfere with the digging. On the other hand, if you are digging a hole in an established yard, you might not even be able to access the yard with a large backhoe or excavator. On the other hand, you might be able to find an excavator small enough to fit through a car gate in a fence to access the yard. 

Digging Foundations

In many situations, a full-sized excavator or even a backhoe is too big for digging an excavator. Using a mini excavator will allow you to do the same work without the cost associated with running a bigger piece of equipment. 

It can be safely said that the bigger the equipment you have is, the better it is. However, there are situations that require small size and finesse. If you own an excavating business, you should have full-sized excavators in your fleet of digging machines, but you should also make room for a mini excavator. 

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