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Three Long-Term Plumbing Investments That Will Reduce Upkeep And Employment Costs In Your Restaurant

Since restaurants typically run on such thin margins, lowering ongoing costs should be a prime concern when you're deciding on what kind of plumbing upgrade to install in your building. While the initial price for new plumbing equipment is usually high, it's often prudent to think in terms of all the even more expensive plumbing disasters you'll prevent in the future. If you own a restaurant and you want to cut down on upkeep and employment costs, check out these three long-term plumbing investments.

Commercial Grade Condensing Boiler

Condenser boilers are more efficient and environmentally friendly than normal water heaters because the waste heat they generate is turned around to help with heating incoming water. Their main downside is the fact that they're significantly more expensive to purchase than traditional water heaters.

While it wouldn't make sense to install a fancy new boiler in a business like an office supply or clothing store because hot water isn't needed very often, the investment makes more sense in a restaurant. Especially if your menu includes lots of steamed vegetables and you want to get water to its boiling point more quickly, you'll save a significant amount of money almost every night that your restaurant is open.

Stainless Steel Plumbing Pipes

Of all the plumbing pipe materials out there, stainless steel pipes are the most durable and reliable. Specifically, stainless steel can resist the corrosion that grease, salt, and other foodstuffs falling down a drain normally cause much more easily than other pipe materials like clay, PVC, and even copper.

Once again, the fact that you'll be handling food so often means that the high upfront cost of stainless steel plumbing pipes is often worth it. Remember that digging up and replacing a broken section of even a very cheap plumbing pipe variety is still going to cost you a pretty penny. You might as well go for a high quality plumbing material that will stay operational in the face of constant abuse for as long as possible.

Foot Control Valves For Sinks

Whether your employees are washing dishes or simply filling up pots with water, it takes them a significant amount of time to set down whatever they're carrying to manipulate faucets. Installing foot control valves on all the sinks in your restaurant's kitchen is an easy and relatively cheap way to increase the productivity of your employees. Especially if you routinely have to pay out overtime pay, you'll save a lot on labor costs.

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