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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Fence

A well-maintained fence is something that you can take pride in. With wood, neglect quickly shows, especially with soaring temperatures and humidity threatening your fence. The elements can quickly wear out the panels, joints and hinges, making the fence look dilapidated and tired, thus making the home look uninviting.

Surprisingly, wooden fences are very easy to maintain, though they do require constant care to keep them at their best. As summer approaches, there are various maintenance steps you can take to ensure your wood fence remains intact and in great shape. Here is a look at simple maintenance tips.

Clear debris and vegetation

A good place to start would be to remove mud and other debris on the fence surface using a scrapper. Mud from lawnmowers and water splashes can quickly build up on the panels, making the fence look dull and unloved.

Next, hack away grass, weeds, and vines that may be attached to the panels, as they can damage the structure of your fence and encourage pest infestations. Vegetation on the fence can also hold moisture, speeding up wrapping and rotting, or even encouraging mildew to take hold.

Another vital part of summer fence maintenance is to cut off tree branches looming over your fence, as they can easily fall off during a storm and cause extensive damage to the wooden panels.

Wash it down

A good old scrub with a sponge and soapy water should remove any leftover gunk, dust, and mildew, leaving your fence looking bright and rejuvenated. If any stubborn stains exist, use a hose or power washer to get rid of it.

While cleaning, take a closer look at the fence posts or panel joints. Any worn out joints or shaky posts will need replacing to keep the fence firm, so call in a professional to do such repairs if needed. After giving it a good soaking, let the wood dry before you attempt to stain or paint it.

Staining and painting

Staining is an effective way to preserve and rejuvenate the color on your wood. The best time to stain your wooden fence is during late spring, or whenever you notice that water no longer beads up on the wood surface. For maximum protection, choose a wood stain with UV inhibitors to protect your fence from the scorching summer sun. The stain will give the wood a hint of color and protect it from the elements.

Alternatively, you can paint your wood fence to protect it from the elements and to give it an appealing look. UV resistant paints are a great choice, as they prevent fading and wrapping.

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