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Three Tips For Cleaning A Fiberglass Door Without Damaging The Paint

Fiberglass is a good material for a door on the outside of your home because it's relatively cheap and easy to maintain. But especially if you have a lot of wind gusts throwing around loose dirt near your home, you'll need to periodically clean up stains on your door. To ensure that you don't damage the paint on your fiberglass door while you're cleaning it, remember these three tips.

Don't Use A Cleaning Chemical That's Designed For Wooden Doors

Since wood is more porous than a typical kitchen countertop, there are many cleaning chemicals out there designed to clean wood without causing any damage. If you have a wooden door, plain soap and water will have a hard time taking care of hardened stains that have partially fused with the wood.

But since fiberglass isn't as porous and most types of paint don't attach very strongly to fiberglass doors, wooden door cleaning chemicals are too strong to be safe. For relatively loose stains on fiberglass doors, water and a little bit of dishwasher soap is more than adequate.

Remove Any Weatherstripping To Cut Down On Distractions

Weatherstripping layers on the edges of your door are important to keep heat from your HVAC system inside and rain outside. However, if you don't remove weatherstripping layers from your fiberglass door before you start cleaning, you'll completely miss a lot of areas where stains can form. Additionally, if you find a stain that's partially exposed and partially under a piece of weatherstripping, you may be tempted to scrub so hard on the part of the stain immediately next to the rubber strip that you damage the paint underneath.

Don't Flatten Your Sponge As You Scrub With It

A sponge is better than a towel for cleaning a large fiberglass door because it can hold a lot more of your soapy water mixture. You won't have to dip a sponge back into soapy water as much and you're less likely to neglect putting enough water on one part of your door.

But since sponges are so soft, it's easy to forget that you can still damage the paint on your door if you press too hard with it. While you're using your sponge to scrub your door, be careful not to flatten it against the fiberglass.

When it's properly cleaned, your fiberglass door should be one of the most attractive parts of your home. As long as you know how easy it is to damage the coat of paint on your door, you'll almost certainly do a good job. Contact Port Orchard Glass for more information on fiberglass doors and how to maintain them.

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