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Painting An Ornamental Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences can give your home a mystical appearance. The intricate scrolling patterns and the tapered spires on the tops are majestic and elaborate at the same time. If you have decided to give your fencing a new coat of paint, you will want to take your time, making sure to get every crevice so that the new paint job comes out looking uniform. Here are some instructions that you can use to paint your iron fence.

Cleaning Your Fence

You will want to clean your whole fence before you paint it. You can do this in sections, as you will just need to start over again if you wait too long from the time you clean til you paint. Pick an area and use a pressure washer to remove any grime and webs that may be on your fence. Wrought iron attracts spiders, so make sure you get the undersides of the scrolling patterns to dislodge any webs or insects.

Making Repairs

Since wrought iron can easily rust, you will want to investigate to see if there are any areas that will need to have rust removal done before painting. If you find an area with rust, take a wire brush and gently scrape off the rust area until you are down to bare metal.

Any areas of the fence that have chipped or flecked paint will need to be scraped before you can add any paint to the surface, or it will not adhere. Remove these areas with sandpaper. Use a medium grit sandpaper followed by a fine grit sandpaper to smooth the area completely. When you have finished sanding, rinse the fence with the pressure washer, once again.

Getting Ready To Paint

Use a rust inhibiting primer on the entire fence to help prevent any rusting from occurring. You should add two coatings of primer before starting to paint. When painting, a sprayer will do the job most effectively. You can use a brush or small roller for the areas that have small crevices, but the bulk of the fence can be done with a sprayer.

Set a tarp or sheet on the opposite side of the fence when you paint, as the pattern of your fence will end up on the ground. You also do not wish to kill flowers or grass with the paint. Spray two coatings on your fence, allowing to dry completely between each coat.

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