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Repairing The Parking Bumpers In Your Parking Area

If you have parking bumpers (or wheels stops) in your parking lot, every once in a while they should be inspected to see if they need any necessary repair. Parking bumpers are a great safety tool and should be kept that way by having them aligned, reconstructed, and painted, if necessary. Here are some of the things that you can do to keep your wheel stops doing the job they were intended to do without compromise.

Doing An Inspection

Take some time away from your daily activities to stroll out to your parking area to look at your parking bumpers. Walk up to each one and make notation about the condition, and what repairs you may need to make so that you can figure out how much you will need to purchase for the repair. Note how many have crumbling or chipped pieces that will need to have a new layer of cement poured to repair. Are there any parking bumpers that look as if they are so demolished that the reinforcement bar is bent or showing? These may need to be replaced completely.

Doing The Repairs

You will want to use a mold of the parking bumper in order to repair the ones in the lot. Measure an existing bumper and construct a mold made of plywood that you can slip around the broken parking bumper. Mix up a batch of ready-to-pour cement inside a wheelbarrow. Pour the cement over the existing pieces to reinforce the crumbled or cracked spots. 

If you need to make new parking bumpers to replace some that were totally destroyed, you would use the same mold. Remove the broken parking bumper and place the mold in its place. Pour the cement into the mold about halfway. Place a reinforcement bar into the cement to help keep the cement wheel stop in tact after it has hardened. Fill the remainder of the mold with cement and allow to harden. Remove the mold and allow the parking bumper to cure before paint.

Last Minute Fixes

Move any parking bumpers that may have been hit by cars to their proper locations to make them aligned once again. Paint all of your wheel stops with a bright-colored paint so that they can be easily seen upon entry to the parking lot. Sometimes painting them with vertical striping can be a great idea to help them to be seen better.

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