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The Benefits Of A Ductless Air Conditioner System For An Older Home

If you purchase an older home that does not have central air conditioner, you may experience sticker shock when you get an estimate to install the ductwork and fixtures required for a cooling system. Instead of being dismayed at the installation costs of a central AC system, you should explore the benefits of a ductless cooling system for your home.

Less Labor

A ductless air conditioner, also known as a mini-split system, does not require contractors to tear down walls and fixtures to build ductwork and vents, features that are required for a central AC. You also do not need to modify your heating system to accommodate a ductless air conditioner.

Major manufactures of HVAC systems sell mini-split systems that include a condensing unit that fits on an outside wall. The AC contractor will create a small opening to the inside of your home for coils that will connect to blower fans inside of your home. You can have multiple blower fans inside of your home.


Unlike wall units that hang outside of windows and mar the appearance of your home, ductless AC systems are less noticeable and can blend into the scenery. The outside condenser units can sit flush against the outside wall at ground level.

Contractors will place the indoor blowers on the ceiling. They can also be hung from the ceiling or flush mounted to drop ceilings so they resemble recessed lighting fixtures.

Furthermore, if you install a mini-split system instead of a wall unit, you will not have to worry about feeling as if your home is exposed when there is an AC unit in a window near the ground level of your home.

Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency

Many of the same temperature control features that you enjoy with a central AC system are available with a ductless unit. The system's control panel enables you regulate the temperature throughout the day based on your preferences and set timers. Units also come with digital remote controls.

In addition to providing advanced temperature controls, ductless AC systems can also provide energy savings. When you hire a contractor to install your new AC, make sure that you discuss buying an Energy Star approved unit.


If your house already has central air but you want to add a room or an entire wing, installing a ductless AC may be easier than extending the existing AC ductwork. You can install the indoor blower units in any location and not worry about making sure extended ductwork meets local building codes. To learn more, contact a company like Williams & Fogg with any questions or concerns you might have.

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