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Sneaky Tricks To Stay Warmer This Winter And Save Money

The weather outside is turning frightful and your winter fire may be delightful, but that toasty heat does not come at a low price. Home heating expenses make up a large portion of energy expenses in the winter months. If you have an outdated system that is in need of an update or heating repairs, it can cost you even more. While you are waiting for upgrades or repairs to be possible with your budget, you should not have to sacrifice staying warm or spend your days at home dressed in sweaters and wool socks. There are a few tricks to keeping warm that can help you save money when the outdoor temperatures are frigid cold and your heat system is not what it should be.

Block Off Portions of Your Home

Think about where you spend time in your home during the day. How often are you actually in the bedroom, dining area, or other parts of the house? There is a good chance you spend the majority of your time in the living room or kitchen. Consider heating only the rooms that you are using at a given time. Block off heat to the bedrooms or other spaces by turning off the vents, closing doors, or even hanging blankets over the doorways. A few hours before bedtime, reverse the process and block off the kitchen and other spaces that get no use while you are sleeping.

Make Use of Every Heat Source

Every time you bake in the oven, take a hot shower, or boil water on the stove, there is residual heat that escapes into your home. If you are looking to stay warm and save money, make use of this heat when it is generated. When you are done baking, prop open the door and allow the heat to fill the room. While in the shower, avoid using the ventilation fan so that the warm steam can fill the room. Leave the lids off of steaming hot pots and pans when possible as you cook. All of these small amounts of heat can be utilized to stay warmer.

Dealing with a faulty heater can be especially trying, and extremely expensive, when it is cold outside. Thinking creatively about heating your home can help you to make it through until heating repair or unit replacement is a possibility. You may even find that some practices are worth keeping around long after your heater is in perfect working order. (For more information on heating repair, contact a company such as Childers Enterprises Inc)

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