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Improve Your Business's Security By Keeping A Locksmith On Call

As a business owner, you work with many constractors throughout the course of doing business. One contractor that's often overlooked is a professional industrial and commercial locksmith. A good locksmith can handle much of your businesses security issues, while also giving advice and tips on how to improve it.

Upgrade Your Locks

The type of deadbolts used on a home are sufficient for most businesses. Your doors and windows need industrial-strength hardware that can withstand heavy use while keeping the bad guys out. A few security features a locksmith can install and keep properly maintained for your business include:

  • Security grade hinges, locks and door hardware

  • Panic buttons or bars for employees to use in the event of a robbery

  • Fire exit hardware that allows exit but not entrance

  • Drawer, file cabinet and storage locks

  • Safe and till security and locks

Mind the Keys

A regular key isn't very secure. On average, 75 percent of employees have stolen from their employer on at least one occasion. Most of these thefts occur at the register or involve non-cash equipment, but the number is still high enough that you should take every step necessary to minimize the problem.

You can cut down on after-hours theft, especially from disgruntled employees, by upgrading your locks. You have two main options:

  1. A restricted DND key system. These keys can't be copied at any hardware store, so an employee can't get their hands on copies for their own use. Only your locksmith can make more copies.

  2. A keyless entry system. These systems use a pin code assigned to each specific employee, allowing you to track who is in the business and when. You can easily reset or restrict codes as needed.

Service Your Safe

Many industrial and commercial locksmiths also offer safe services. Your locksmith will help you find the best location for your safe and help bolt it securely to the floor. They can also rekey it and change the combination as needed, or service it if it ever malfunctions. The best part is that locksmiths, like those at Vista Lock & Safe Co, are often on call 24 hours a day, so they can help you get your cash in the middle of the day or the middle of the night if your safe malfunctions.

Security firms may tempt you with the same offers as a locksmith, but they are just the middlemen. They charge you more so they can make a profit and still hire a locksmith to do the job. Contracting with your own locksmith is a better choice, and it lets you build your business relationship with an individual, instead of with a faceless corporation.

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